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About BoundWorlds, the Patchwork Universe Project

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What is BoundWorlds?

BoundWorlds is a sprite-based online "massive single-player world building game". In brief, players can create worlds and explore worlds created by other players. Players can also create doorways, or Gates, that link their world to other player's worlds.

The world building system is extremely powerful: objects can be scripted using an event-based system, essentially making each world its own separate game. But unlike other moddable game engines, players don't have to pick and download mods; instead, they can simply explore the network of worlds naturally in-game, using Gates to travel from one world to the next.

You can explore the patchwork universe of BoundWorlds without logging in. Creating a username is necessary to create worlds and save data between sessions. BoundWorlds is free and does not require any downloads to play.

BoundWorlds works on PC and mobile devices (though the PC controls are better). If you're using a mobile device, I reccomend running it as an app by clicking "Add to Home Page" under the options menu in Chrome; this will keep the page from sliding around and stop the URL bar from getting in the way.


Games can be a powerful creative medium - perhaps even the most powerful, since it is the only form of storytelling that places you directly into the shoes of the main character. I want to see people expressing their creativity in games more, instead of just using them as a money-making engine.

The problem is that making a good game is HARD, and often takes many people with many different talents. You need programmers, artists, story writers, level designers, graphic artists, music writers, and so on. It takes a lot of dedication to make even a moderately decent game - and you need to find some way of getting the word out, too!

BoundWorlds was created to bring people with these different talents together, allowing a single, vast game to grow organically from its different parts. Graphic and musical artists can upload their creations. Programmers can use the BoundWorlds' powerful scripting system to create game objects. Level designers can import these objects to create fun or challenging areas. And storywriters can build overworlds that link together multiple zones into larger unified worlds.

BoundWorlds is a game. But it's also a game maker. It has basic physics and object properties already built in, but it also has a flexible event-based scripting system that opens up tons of possibilities, whether you are a seasoned programmer or just starting to learn.

BoundWorlds is currently in beta. It is fully possible to create and link worlds, but the object import system is still under construction. Check back periodically for new features!


BoundWorlds Gameplay


The default controls are as follows:

When playing on mobile devices, use the box on the right side of the screen to move around, the buttons on the left to use abilities and interact, and tap objects to lock onto them.

Over the course of your journey, you may discover places that let you transform into different objects. Each object has different abilities and will create a different playing experience.

Gates and Worlds

The BoundWorlds universe is made up of Worlds, each World being composed of numerous areas, called Rooms. You can travel from Room to Room by walking over Gates.


The World Builder

The World Builder is where players can create and test out their worlds.