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About Me

I like to keep my online identity and my real-life identity mostly separated in easily-accessible public sources. This is becoming harder to do nowadays, but I do it anyway. If you got this link from me, you already know who I am.

I'm a full-stack developer with over 15 years of programming experience, mostly in Javascript and related variants such as Typescript. Sometimes I code for other people, sometimes for myself. Most of my own projects have been games, with a focus on tools to let other people create things.

I am also absolutely terrible at marketing. If you are a marketer and want to help me sell any of my projects, feel free to contact me.

Ongoing Personal Projects


My "Dream Game". Although it's not really a game so much as an online world editor. The central premise is "an endless adventure game about jumping between worlds, where each world was created by a different player". It has its own event-based object scripting system, tile-based map editor, the ability to upload graphics and sounds, and many more features.

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Created during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic as an accessible tool to help simulate, predict and analyze the spread of an epidemic and the effectiveness of various responses over time, it has since evolved to be a full-blown population simulator capable of modeling almost any trait that moves through a population, such that the name probably isn't that descriptive anymore. I may use it to build an online multiplayer strategy game in the future.

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Discontinued Personal Projects

Dynamic Workforce

Application for managing and paying workers using "mini-contracts" based on work completed instead of the hours they spend at an office. Intended for developers. Discontinued due to lack of interest, although this was in the past, before working from home became a major part of the typical work model. I may retry it in the future if I can find a partner who knows how to market it.

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Video-chat based social network. Discontinued due to high operating costs and lack of funding.

Kulam Shadhanim

Crowdsourced investment-based dating service.