IndigoFenix's Online Cache

This is my site. It has lots of things, mostly half-completed projects.

Stuff comes out of my brain and I put it here in case my computer crashes. Or if people want to look.


Philosophical Rambling



Chromatic Wizardry

A magic system based on RGB colors.


Fragments of a story set before the Biblical flood, based loosely on a blend between Jewish apocrypha and Babylonian mythology. Eldritch angels, mystical artifacts, alien technology, social commentary, spiritual philosophy.




Massively single-player online world building game. Construct a world, link it to other player's worlds, and explore them. Current status: Playable alpha.

Game prototypes and physics tests

All-Range Test

Physics test for asteroids-style shooter with infinite boundaries, rotating and auto-zooming camera, and enemy targeting. Not actually a game yet but still fun to fool around with.

Aura colors

Related to Chromatic Wizardry. A thingy for aura colors based on RGB sliders and values. Might be used in a game at some point. I like color-based magic.


Abandoned project for an open-world RPG with a procedurally-generated plot and "zoomable" gameplay (i.e., single adventurer, adventuring party, strategy game, grand strategy) depending on how much of the world you have control over. Turns out that plot generation is really complicated. But, some physics and AI are being used for Boundworlds. May come back to it later.


Abandoned project for a mobile-phone based monster catching and training game.


Dynamic Workforce

Application for managing and paying workers with "mini-contracts" based on work completed instead of the hours they spend at an office. Intended for developers.